17% Non-GMO Layer

17% Non-GMO Layer




-Our 17% Non-GMO Layer is made from Non-GMO Grains Grown in the US. 

-Our grains are flame-roasted which increases the digestibility and energy in our feeds. 

-Our layer feed is made with Fertrell's Poultry Nutri Balancer which contains all the necessary minerals and vitamins your laying hens need to be healthy and productive. 

-We've added plenty of calcium to our 17% Non-GMO Layer Feed to aid in the production of strong egg shells.  

-We add the correct size of poultry grit to our layer feed. Grit is crushed rock. It is an essential part of your bird's diet, it aids in digestion and lets your chicken get the maximum nutritional benefit from quality feed. Even if you don't buy feed from us, make sure your chickens get the correct size of grit in their diet. -especially if they don't have access to sharp small rocks about the size of driveway gravel.

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